The Grace Blue Migration Report
The migration of agency talent has expedited over the last three years, making informed recruitment strategies more important than ever.

This report by Grace Blue APAC explores how leaders can better understand, prevent and lead during these times of change.
The Grace Blue Partnership
Our mission is to help transform businesses by providing access to the world's highest performing talent across categories and borders. Our three divisions work together to provide that access across the spectrum - from up-and-coming leaders to entire businesses.
Download this report and discover:
How many senior marketers in APAC have agency backgrounds
Which industries are more likely to hire from agencies
5 industry-wide issues that have reshaped the talent landscape in the last decade
In this report, you'll discover:
What industry hires the most marketers with agency experience in China, Singapore and Australia
How the gig economy affects agency recruitment practices
How to be an effective team leader in a time of brain drain